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Overnight Camp Programs

YLCC continues...

After thinking that we closed our doors for good in 2022, we realized we weren't quite ready to finish the YLCC story. Join us for our Summer Session of 7 or 9 days at YLCC - Camp Sylvan.

2025 Summer Session dates are July 4-12 (Senior Campers), July 6-12 (Junior Campers).




Our Junior Camp Program is the perfect way to start or continue your YLCC journey. With a 7-day program jam-packed with activities and experiences, there's something for everyone.


Junior I
entering grade 5-6

Welcome to YLCC Leadership Development - This is the beginning of your modern YLCC journey with a real focus on the value of reflection and awareness. Campers will gain a strong introduction to the power of journalling, goal setting, communication and teamwork. And of course, complete with all the camp fun campers can handle!​


Junior II
entering grade 6*-7

Building on our level 1 experience or for those campers who have attended YLCC in the past, we will take a deeper dive into leadership as we begin to prepare campers for their high school journey.  This program features a more in-depth conversation about FLAGs -- Fearless Life-Altering Goals -- what it is they are thinking about pursuing in their lives, how they move their goals forward and start to understand the power of who they surround themselves with.


entering grade 7-8

As campers get closer to high school, Intermediates will take a deeper dive into creating a “life-map”. Research shows that students that take the time to understand the value of goal-setting are 80% more successful. Here's where campers begin to see the value of a team, the power of working together. Campers works towards a new level of self-directed journaling and reflection. 


Our Senior Camp Programs run for 9 days for a deeper dive into programming. Through journaling, leadership development and play, your campers will elevate their awareness of themselves and their environments.



entering grade 9-10

How do we as leaders impact the world around us? This program will focus on leadership in the environment. How we can as humans better work with nature to preserve if for generations to come. This will include a day trip using our beautiful, historic Algonquin Canoes. Campers will travel down the Ausable River to the Pinery Provincial Park. Campers will learn canoeing skills and environmental awareness. This will be combined with camp journaling and more leadership skills. 


entering grade 10-11

The group will learn about giving back, about leadership on the community level, how to recruit others to help complete a goal and will successfully create "something from nothing." 

Each camper will receive 20 hours of community service hours that can be used towards their high school requirements. Together the group will decide on an activity to make their world better. They will learn about some of history's greatest leaders and the traits they shared. 


Trailblazers *NEW*
entering grade 10-11

Trailblazers offers a unique blend of outdoor experiences for participants, including mountain biking, hiking, and an overnight camping trip. Campers will engage in activities aimed at building a strong sense of environmental stewardship and leadership capabilities. This new program promises a rewarding adventure in the great outdoors while fostering personal growth and a deeper connection with nature.


entering grade 10-11

In this program, our campers will put their leadership training to work, by planning and presenting our end-of-session final Bankit (Banquet). This activity is a real-life example of the value of teamwork, problem solving, creativity and the pride in an accomplishing a joint task. Over the week, campers will learn the three P’s of leadership management. Campers will worki as a group and truly find out what they are passionate about. 


entering grade 11-12

Our Counsellor-In-Training (CIT) program an intensive leadership program for our oldest campers. For the first few days, CITs will go through a variety of workshops and activities to teach them about being a camp counsellor and a leader outside of camp.

Once the junior campers arrive,  our CIT’s will be paired with a seasoned counsellor to learn the skills involved in running a camp program. This program will give your campers a chance to gain valuable skills for the workplace and have a lot of fun along the way.

Questions? Check out our FAQs.

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