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Overnight Camp FAQ


Q: When can I apply to be a camp counsellor?!

A:  Applications are OPEN! Apply here and join us in 2024 for the #bestsummerjob.

Q: Where can I find out what to bring, what to expect, when to arrive and all the necessary information I need to come to camp?

A:  A program guide will be sent out to registered campers in the late spring. Inside will be lots of information, including a packing list, what to expect, and more!

Q: Where is YLCC - Camp Sylvan located?

A:  YLCC - Camp Sylvan is located in the beautiful Sylvan, Ontario, 20 minutes south of Grand Bend. Driving instructions will be sent out with the program guide in late spring.

Q: My camper is hoping to come to YLCC with a friend. Do you honour friend requests for cabins/groups?

A: With such a small program this year, there will only be one group per program. If you are registering your camper for the same program as a friend - no worries, they will already be in the same group!
We are not able to accommodate requests outside of program groups.

Q: What time are pick-up and drop-off?
A: Check back soon for an updated pick up and drop off schedule for 2024. This information will also be included in the program guide sent out in late spring.

Q: Can I visit my camper? I'm going to miss them ...a lot!

A: Our camp days are SUPER full and each part of our curriculum-based program is imperative for your camper to participate in, we do not allow family members to visit.
We STRONGLY encourage you to attend your camper's Graduation Ceremony on the last day of their session before pick-up, to celebrate your leader's achiev
ements and join us for a staff meet and greet to follow.

Q: How do I communicate with my camper?

A: YLCC goes old school! Letters (snail mail) are a great way to stay connected with your camper! We encourage parents to send letters and well wishes from back home. Magazines, fun articles, books, and photos from home are encouraged. Snacks and candy are not encouraged ...the mailroom critters would be a bit too happy.

Create a treasure hunt of notes from the family:

Pack notes in your child's bags, pillowcases, towels, or any other parts of their belongings. See how many they find!
This summer we will not be using Bunk1. Camp Sylvan does not have a fax/dedicated internet available to us. We use our cell phones to tether our computers to the web when we are at camp.

Phone calls are solely for emergencies.

Q: Are cell phones allowed at YLCC?

A: Nope! YLCC prides itself in being a place where campers can completely disconnect from the outside world and experience camp to its full potential.
...Plus, we don't want anythi
ng high-value getting ruined or lost while at camp!

Please leave cell phones and other electronics at home.

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