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Q: Are there more spaces for day camp for 2022?

A: YLCC Day Camp 2022 is FULL

Q: Where can I find out what to bring, what to expect, when to arrive and all the information I need to come to day camp?

Click this link to view our 2022 Day Camp Information Guide

Q: My camper is hoping to come to YLCC with a friend. Do you honour friend requests for groups?

A: When filling out your camper's profile and additional information in your online account click here to go to your account,  you can put in two friend requests.
YLCC does our best to honour friend requests for day camp groups.

Please note that groups are created by combining campers of the same age and programs. If campers are of different ages and/or signed up in different programs, we will not be able to honour these requests.

Q: What time are drop-off and pick-up?
A: Drop off your camper between 8:30 and 9 am. Pick-up is from 4:45 to 5 pm.

Q: How do I communicate with the office or day camp office while my child is at camp?

Call us at 705-326-2433

Q: Are cell phones and electronics allowed at YLCC?

A: Nope! YLCC prides itself in being a place where campers can completely disconnect from the outside world and experience camp to its full potential. Plus, we don't want anything high-value getting ruined or lost while at camp.
Please leave cell phones and other electronics at home. 

Q: Where can I find a packing list?
A: Right here! Glad you asked :)

Q: I have more questions and I want to talk with a day camp coordinator.
A: Call the office at 705-326-2433 or email day camp directly at

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