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Welcome back to the world of YLCC!

It was a journey to get here, or I guess back here. 31 years ago, I took a tour of a camp property with 3 friends. We had NO idea the journey that would begin. It has been full of so many UPS and downs, twists and turns, countless lessons and what's most important is hundreds (maybe thousands) of friendships that would not exist if summer camp didn't start! So many leadership journies that began with those summer camp experiences.


That’s a powerful thought. It’s the reason that why we decided to keep YLCC going. We have changed from a full summer of camp to what we call our summer session. It a chance to keep the camp spirit and the powerful tools and connections that are made at YLCC alive.


I want to share something important I have learned over this past couple of years.


People change. Continuously. They evolve.


The beauty of coming to camp is you are able (have the opportunity) to change. In life, the more you know, the more you experiences you have and the mistakes you make you can learn from, will make you who you are... but only if you choose to let them shape your future self.

The YLCC program helps campers to make these choices and learn these lessons through the tools we teach them and the community we build around them.


We only have about 80 spots each summer, and we hope you decide to join us. Registration filled months in advance for 2023, so don't wait to register for 2024. It’s a great experience in a wonderful place with an incredible team of leaders.


See you next summer,

Stu Saunders

Founder and Head Gardener

Meet Our Directors

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