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If you are lucky…

Jan 28, 2012

If you are lucky, you will meet someone special. I am not talking about a life partner. I mean that would be nice. Although, I think Life Partner is a daunting title. I mean to say you will have a partner for life is truly a long time. Most relationships (romantic ones) end eventually. It is sad and never intended but it happens. In fact in Canada the divorce and separation rate is closing in 60%. The average marriage last about 14.5 years (Stats Can).

This isn’t what this blog is about though. I am talking about someone special. Someone who really loves you. Not in an intimate way. Most people consider relationships to be dating and then marriage. I mean friendship. Real hard core friendship. Over the last few days as I struggled with the reminder of loss and tragedy I found I had a few really good friends. People that were here for me and were willing to forget what ever it was they were doing to listen and help. Better yet, make me laugh and challenge me to think.

Today, my dearest and most cherished friend proved to me that she was just that. She had just flown back less then 24 hours ago from a remote country (19 hour flight) and had no sleep. She braved a mini winter storm and showed up on my door way to hug me. To talk, to listen, to tell me stories of her adventures in a far off land, to talk about social issues, love, loss and we debated what everything really means. We laughed, we both talked and we both listened.

There was no expectations. It wasn’t about talking endlessly about loss, lost loves or lost lives. It was about celebrating this moment right now. With us.

She left, but before she did we hugged for a long time. We didn’t say anything at all. Then we broke our embrace and she said, “I love you Stu, you ARE awesome.”

Partners come and go. Some stay as friends some disappear as ex’s. If you’re lucky they will stay part of your life and you will celebrate together. But, if you’re really lucky you will find a friend that makes you feel like the world is on your side and you are beautiful or handsome, smart, amazing and valuable. I am blessed by her. I am also blessed that in one conversation my entire perspective changed, my energy shifted and I became wiser. Much wiser.

Take an inventory of your relationships. If they aren’t helping you grow, it may be time to weed the garden.

“You are who you have coffee with.” - Robin Sharma

Posted by Stu Saunders in Leadership Family Life Learning and Growing on Jan 28, 2012 at 3:30 pm | Permanent Link | Comments (2)


  • Comment posted on Jan 28, 2012 at 4:30 pm by Aaroneous (YLCC Member)

    This was a very great reminder to me that having one of these friends doesnt mean that I should stop trying to form more. Thanks,


  • Comment posted on Jan 30, 2012 at 1:33 pm by Angela (YLCC Member)

    Beautiful, beautiful blog!
    Thank you for the wisdom, for the thought and for the shift in perspective

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